Quality Mezzanine Floor Installations For Warehouses

Interested in having mezzanine flooring installed in your warehouse? Or are you looking to introduce canteen or toilet facilities within a warehouse environment?

Mezzanine flooring is an elevated part of your flooring or platform which can serve several purposes. It is an excellent way to provide office space in a warehouse, without impacting your floor space.

In short, you can easily expand the part of your warehouses dedicated to admin and other processes, yet not compromise on space elsewhere. This is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to add more value to your existing premises.

Usually no planning permission is required for this type of installation, although there are exceptions; this is another big advantage of mezzanine flooring. It involves much less red tape.

Specializing in affordable interior design perfection, ReSpace Ltd regularly makes installations and refurbishments to warehouses throughout the South East.

Our team can design space-saving refurbishments for your warehouse, ensuring everything from the canteen to toilet facilities are first-class. As you can see from our gallery, we can produce exceptional commercial refurbishments that bring more style and productivity to your space.

Whatever your particular budget might be, we’re a leading choice for the affordable design, creation and transformation of commercial spaces.

If you’re looking to have refurbishments to your warehouse, why not find out more about what our team can achieve today?